Thursday, February 23, 2006

More Wall Cabinets

Picture 160, originally uploaded by Jrome.

Our kitchen moved one step forward this past weekend. We hung a cabinet above the fridge. Now I can't keep thinking about putting in another tall stack on the left, but N insists the idea for the desk/media area should carry the day. I partly agree, but my Dwell magazine brain is freakin' out.

I started out by hanging a two by four and then enlisting Jon next door for a little clean and jerk. Once up on the wall, we leveled it plumb with some shims and then anchored it to the wall cabinet to the right and to the wall studs. We used the same Robertson drive scorpion screws we used for the other cabinets. They're great.

The wire sticking out of the wall is live. It will be for a plug above the cabinets to run some rope lighting. Nothing fancy up there. Maybe, just maybe an HO train layout. That would be rather ambitious, but since we live on an old rail corridor, and we have some vintage model trains in our collection, why banish them to the basement or attic? Show them off! That's our spirit in a nutshell.

In other news, we ordered some reeded glass for the wall cabinets above the sink. Our concrete counter guys were featured in the local paper and it seems there are a fair number of local concrete counter types in our town, judging from the photo spread. I felt like our kitchen will be a nice cozy space, compared to those in the article.

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