Friday, February 24, 2006

The flip top

01-15-06_new range with flip.jpg, originally uploaded by Jrome.

Looking back over the blog it seems like we've been living with a wacko kitchen since sometime in October when we tore up the linoleum, but we've been busy, and life has actually not been interrupted to such an extent that we're going crazy. I'm not at least. I think I could live this way for a hundred years...

Anyway, here is a break down of things that took time to gel. The first is the flip top. To make it work, N had to first think of it. Then I had to build the three parts of it, figuring out how to do it all the way. (That's really the hard part...after this kitchen is done, I should hire myself out, cause I'll know what the heck I'm doing.) Anyway, it's done. Or as I like to say, "It's done for now. Once the concrete counter goes in, this is all getting rebuilt." Yeah, right.

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