Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kitchen Tear Out

Kitchen Tear Out, originally uploaded by DictionaryMan.

This picture is from 11/5/05. We just started innocently yanking cabinets out, and before too long we were up late banging away at the soffits and tearing it all down.

M slept through it all. Proving that life can still go on through a remodel!

New Lighting and Pictures of Shelves One and Deux

New Lighting, originally uploaded by DictionaryMan.

This is an older photo, if by older I mean late October. My mother bought the fixture as a gift and it's nice. Classy. So she also got us the matching ceiling fan. That's darn fancy. I'll have to get some better shots of it. Maybe once the kitchen is done. (The fan is in the living room.)

The shelves to the left are the first I made. (see oldest posting.) Despite the photo, they are straight and true. It's the books that are crooked, I reckon. The ones over the radiator (still with the lighting fixture's box draping them) are an ongoing project. They are Shelves Deux to the uninitiated. I think I've spent more time talking about what I'm planning to do with them than what I've actually spent making them. So I'll stop right here and get back to work!

Top of the Pantry

Top of the Pantry, originally uploaded by DictionaryMan.

More of the pantry. Top shelf was for sacks of stuff, potatoes and onions I think was what I was onto...but they work best for chip bags and N's favorite soy crisps.

I've since put in built in shelves to the left of the door as well. It's a pantry hallway now. (The left will get its own posting soon.)

Tearing out the drop ceiling

This is from mid October, when N and I decided to rip up the kitchen. The back door mud room, which became the pantry is the doorway off to the left there in the picture. Since this picture the gas line has been brought up to where the frig stood - the range moved there, and all the cabinets have been torn out and soffits have been removed.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kintchen new decor

Kintchen new decor, originally uploaded by DictionaryMan.

After a year in residence, we decided in about 3 minutes that it was time to start demolishing the kitchen. After tearing out some cabinets over the course of a few days and moving some things around, we decided at 7:34am one fine morning to tear up the floor. What was revealed under two layers of linoleum was "black crap." But nestled protectedly under said crap, are awesomely handsome maple floorboards. Just like the rest of the first floor. So, off to HD to rent some buffer, and hours later here's what happened. Now we're also nearly done with the plaster ceiling restoration, hence the ceiling goop in tubs on the floor. The rest of the black crap can be seen to the left. We're only 1/2 way done, and we'll need to complete some finish sanding too (20, 60, 80, 120, 220 grit...we've done the 20 so far). Then we cap it with 4 or 5 coats of Velvit.