Sunday, September 24, 2006

new island

IMG_1030.JPG, originally uploaded by Jrome.
The Boos block arrived and we stuck it on the base. It's clear I'll have to make a new base. This one will be too tall with the wheels on....ooops.

It shouldn't take too long to rehash it. I also built a corner cabinet, and we're hosting some of John's artwork...there's one peaking out in the corner.

Maybe we'll have a show for him? Hmmmm. Drink wine, show friends the work we've completed on the house, drink wine, have some cheese, sell some artwork....hmmmmm.


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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

September 9, 2006

09-09-06_1420.jpg, originally uploaded by Jrome.

I shot a few photos with my cameraphone when we visited Stone Soup to order our countertop. This is just one corner of one space they've filled. They're expanding. Business looks brisk!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Counter Top Extravaganza

Last Saturday, Nicole and I tromped on down to Stone Soup to pick a color and drop off our sketch. We picked a color and they named it for us. Super. The color is like old tanned leather (an acid effect) and we hope it will look like it is as old as the house. The thing that always has bugged me about new kitchens is that they look too new. In my mind the beauty of concrete is that it can look aged. Since it is formed by hand, there's evidence that human hands worked on it. Edges are crisp, but not die cut, the color warm and fuzzy. It has patina. It will grow more character with age. It should never look worn out.

I'm also in the process of building a kitchen trash receptical/island. Here's a picture of the John Boos top it's gonna have.

Ours will be maple however not Lyptus. The bottom will look like the other cabinets I've made, 3/4" maple plywood construction. It'll have 3.5" red locking casters from Woodcraft.