Saturday, March 31, 2007

Accessorize, Polar Bear Style

While in NYC's Central Park Zoo last weekend, we wandered over to one of the (6? 8?) exhibits and noticed this sign. I haven't yet checked ebay for the polarized toys, since we're just about stocked with kiddie paraphernali, but I will. Wild. The blue bear cans would look nice in the kitchen...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Trash Island

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Does that work for islands?

The drawer will get a full overlay door front to match the rest of the kitchen. The butcher block still needs to get siliconed in place. It's heavy enough to not slid around at the moment, but every once in a while someone bumps it and it moves an inch and scares us.

It was a busy weekend, but this little project took me only a couple of hours. Most of that time I spent staring at the drawer parts I'd cut to size, trying to visualize. The can is temporary, so the second interior frame cradling the lip will be relaced with a full sheet of waterproof something.

The hardware: Accuride full extension self closing. Good for, oh, 100 pounds or so. That's a lot of treasure.

St. Patrick's Day Weekend 2007

St. Patrick's Day Weekend 2007, originally uploaded by Jrome.

Time out for home improvements...with 16 inches of new snow from Friday and early Saturday, it was time for sledding at the local "mountain."

We were the second group on the hill this morning. It was windy and cold. The snow crusty and deep. Once the runs were set, the sledding was excellent!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Starting new projects, and going from 0 to 1

When Nicole and I began tearing up our kitchen, it was something we both had wanted to do for many years. Years spent renting apartments, flats, bungalows, basement units, and condos. You can't rip it out until you own. Once we owned, we tore out what we wanted. We lived with the scars for a while as we figured out what to do next.

That creative spirit was inspired. We could have lived with the old kitchen for years. But when the fridge quit at the same time Sears was having a sale, it took two minutes online to figure out that the time had come. Throw down $2500 at Sears, then spend nearly ten times that building something we'd never built before.

Fast forward to now. I have so many ideas now, I don't know where to begin again. I think I need another fridge event to trigger. Or I just need to do something. Pick up the wood and turn on the saw. Strap on the googles and gloves and the goggles and get to it.

But Ze Frank said it best yesterday, on my little girl's birthday, so I'll just let you hear it from him. Then get out there and do it.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

William's dragon

William's dragon, originally uploaded by Jrome.

Ikea makes white boards (under $20 each) that are pretty nifty. If you work in an office that has white boards, you know how fun they can be. I like them just for practical wife loves these for posting photos up. But since we went digital a few years ago, we end up looking at photos our friends mail us. Fancy photo album.

William I think made a great dragon here. He even spelled out D-R-A-G-O-N with M's alphabet magnets. Little did I realize some of the markers he used were less Dry Erase and more Caked On. Best stuff to use for getting these suckers clean like new? Bon Ami, my father's favorite cleanser that he swore by!

Monday, March 05, 2007

How to live in a new kitchen

Over the holidays, it became clear the best room in our house is the kitchen. There's broadband in there, access to 50 days worth of music; all the food you can eat, some nice pots and pans and a dynamite range to cook it with; cold, cold, cold clean drinking water; great light, both natural and manmade; great coffee - espresso!; and seating for 4 with room around the island for 2 standing. There's even room for art projects.

We entertain ourselves in the kitchen. Friends and family stop by and we hardly leave the room. Maybe it was the wine....

maybe the flowers...

or just friendly smiles...

Jenn Air diagnostics

Jenn Air diagnostics, originally uploaded by Jrome.

I wandered into the kitchen last week and noticed the doctor had been around to check all of her patients. Everytime I load the diswasher I'm reminded how much more I have to do in the kitchen. Here's a short list gathered just from looking at this one photo:
1. level the dishwasher and add foam strips to insulate against noise.
2. trim shim under end panel and add finish trim
3. I don't see the backsplash tile relected in the countertop...get to work on that!
4. Finish the "Block Island" project...this side needs the faux door panel and the other side needs the whole trash drawer assembly. Get cracking!