Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Projects

Over the past several years I've spent some time working on woodworking projects for my immediate and extended families. I'm proud of all the projects to date, but especially proud to begin working on more than just built-ins. Like my friend Chris of said today on the phone while I was making brownies, "There's just something to making furniture - it's not tied down, it works where ever you put it, it doesn't require anything more from you once you build it." I'm paraphrasing... but that was close to what he said. Since the 5th grade he always has said things (and write) much more elegantly than I!

Here are two projects I'm working on now:

A shelf for my wife's office downtown (only 1/10 of the construction done)

a countertop for a built-in breakfast nook (ready for install):