Friday, September 07, 2007

White Trash Porch

White Trash Porch, originally uploaded by Jrome.

It took four trips to the dump. Three of those trips with 10 bags. One with 5 and some crappy wood.

First two times I pulled up, it was the standard $1 a bag. After I pulled up the third time, the older dude was like, "It's on me. You're working hard enough." Fourth time, he didn't even look at me. I just drove in, dumped and drove out.

Classic small town dump story.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Beginning in the Attic

So this Labor Day weekend, Tom came by on his way to his cousin's welcome home from Iraq party in Buffalo, and we tore up the temporary attic flooring and pulled up all the insulation. The job would have been 10x easier if the fiberglass insulation wasn't over old Kimsul insulation. Probably laid down in the 50s, this stuff is crepe-paper backed and what looks like asphalt impregnated pulp paper loft. It distintegrates on contact. We eventually worked out a system of rolling it up..."like giant sushi." But it was still a mess and dirty hot work.

clipped from
Kimsul lnsulation ad  - 1943 (Image1)

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We of course wore respirators. But when the dust began to fly, we set up my new air filtration unit which helped immensely. Nicole got this for my woodshop in the basement (which will be set up properly after this attic demo is complete) along with a dust collector. It will be a phenomenal system.
Finally, here are some shots of the progress:

How many bags of insulation did we scoop up and toss out? Hmmm. Labor Day weekend. Dump closed at noon. Missed the chance for a dump run. Damn. "Well, let's just stack it under the porch in case it rains..." Bringing down the property value one giant black bag at a time. I think there were a total of 30 bags. Not all of them fit on the tiny back porch.