Friday, November 09, 2007

Drywall going in

stairs (framing), originally uploaded by Jrome.

Yesterday they hung the drywall, and today they finished up hanging it and started taping and mudding. Looks pretty darn good. So much brighter!

drywall taping

stairs down from attic

stairs to attic from second floor landin

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Attic window

Attic window, originally uploaded by Jrome.

Today, Tim and Chris finished up the last window and hit the road. Job well done I think. I could never have done it in the time they did, nor done as good a job. Well, maybe if the Evans boys were all here and we had plenty of time to get it done. But, heck, I gotta baby coming.

Here are some pictures of the last work day:

Window treatment

nearly finished

Clean up, isle 27

Also, today the drywall shipment arrived. They guys boomed it up through the attic window. 4x12 sheets. Huge. It was windy and the hell, the third floor is up pretty high. So I says to the guy, "I bet when it gets really windy you put on a show, eh?"

He looks at me like a wise sage and says, "Well, a load this size weighs about the same as a small car. Gotta git blowin' pretty good to sway it. But when we get down to the last few sheets, they she starts movin' alright!"

View from above


Nicole had to check out the truck. She walked outside right under the boom and I just about had the baby myself. We're all safe and sound. Less than a week to go. What are we going to call him?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Windows and treatment

IMG_4091.JPG, originally uploaded by Jrome.

Yesterday, Tim was back with his buddy and they installed the windows in the back, the area I'm affectionately referring to as "my office" now. Not a bad looking space.

The ground slopes outside, and from the back, it's about 5' higher than out front. Plenty high at 3 stories! The scaffolding they set up was fine, but I'm glad it wasn't me up there. They had the window installed and the siding back on before I knew it. Took longer to stage it than it did to install!

It's been a bit loud in my current office space... but luckily the world is running quietly on email lately and not, oh say, Skype. (Speaking of Skype, I've got to replace home office Skype line with a hard line. Just gotta do it. Tried to make it work. Didn't work. Moving on...)

I paid Tim the balance today, $6,850. $1850 for the insulation and labor. $5,000 for the completion of the windows. Hope he shows up more window to go in! :0
Here's what one can get for about $17,000:

1. cheap hair cut

2. old shoes to be sealed up in the wall. I was supposed to leave them in the Roman Forum, but I couldn't bring myself to leave behind shoes that had been so good to me for so many years. (I'm saving this story for another post, but let me just say I bought them NWOB, with the tag still on them, totally vintage, from the Goodwill on Townsend in SF. I then wore them to work at Riv for the 3 years I worked there. Everyday. No kidding. Never had a pair shoes hold up like that. Never.)

3. stairs. Rough framed stairs. Next year we put in the finishing touches. There will be drywall up though, of course!

4. Upgraded windows. Not the fanciest, but they work and are much nicer than what we had before. Twice as nice, in fact!



5. Your life back!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Imperfection is Perfection

I was reminded of my Richard Sachs t-shirt yesterday when Madeline and I were playing soccer at Look Park. This happened to be the same day that the Cycle-Smart International Cyclocross race was going on in the Park. While we kicked the ball around, I saw Richard himself cruising around. I would have said hello, but I've actually not ever met Richard in person and I think I only ever spoke to him once or twice while I was at Rivendell. Anyway, my favorite houseblogger, Bill at, also posted a similar sentiment. I think we need more of this, not less!
clipped from
The beading tool is really a scraper with blades for different profiles. The tool comes with two fences that guide you along the edge of the board. One is for curves and one is for straight runs. The curves take a little practice, especially when your curves takes you across the grain like mine do. Scraping a straight bead with the grain is fast and easy...and a lot of fun. You simply make pass after pass, lowering the blade as you go, and scraping away more and more of the wood to reveal the profile.

So far, my beads look pretty good. They're not perfect, but I also didn't want them to be. I like looking at work like this and being able to see that somebody took the time to do it by hand. That, to me, is cooler to see than seeing it be absolutely perfect. Perfection is boring. -- Bill
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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Insulation went in

IMG_4018.JPG, originally uploaded by Jrome.

Last week we had the insulation go in. With the baby coming to town any day now, I found myself really dreading the inspection. I don't know why exactly, but I just want it done. Obviously done right, but just done. I want it over. Well, the inspection went just fine. In and out. We'll have the windows at either end done tomorrow (or Tuesday if it rains) and the drywall crew will be hanging on Tuesday. 7 days later, the job should be done, taped and mudded, sanded. The whole 9 yards. Then paint and a carpet. Hopefully this will all be complete around Thanksgiving. Crazy? I dunno.

Then six months later we'll have our GC come back and do the finish carpentry, including the mission railings for the stairs and the maple treads. I'm debating trying to do it myself, but I don't know a single thing about stairs or railings, and doubt I have time to learn it at the moment.

More photos...

I'm 6' tall. The ceiling is about 7'3 at the peak. If I stay in the center (5' wide) I don't have to stoop. Since my desk will be up there, I'll spend most of my time sitting. Can't wait to see it done. Hmmm. When did I put on those glasses?

Hobbit hole to the storage area next to the stairs. With the wiring for a light hanging there.

Another view of the hobbit hole. We had the electrician run a light in there. Cozy.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Stairs to the attic

Stairs to the attic, originally uploaded by Jrome.

While I was away more progress was made on the attic. The framing is nearly done and ready for inspection. Our electrician is coming by Tuesday to complete his work. Then we're ready for the insulation and the drywall crew. This is really the first job that I've not done it all, but looking at what Tim has accomplished, I know I couldn't have done it as well or as quickly.

New Room

Here's the space from above.


Here's the stairs from above.

In the Night attic

Here's looking back towards the stairs.

Friday, September 07, 2007

White Trash Porch

White Trash Porch, originally uploaded by Jrome.

It took four trips to the dump. Three of those trips with 10 bags. One with 5 and some crappy wood.

First two times I pulled up, it was the standard $1 a bag. After I pulled up the third time, the older dude was like, "It's on me. You're working hard enough." Fourth time, he didn't even look at me. I just drove in, dumped and drove out.

Classic small town dump story.