Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Shelves Deux

So I gathered up another $300 in Mahagony boards and warmed up the radial arm saw for another pleasant go-round with wood. This time I built companion shelves to the original shelf project. Now our Dining Room is a favourable library. The two shelves top out at 96", and have plenty of storage. The one I just built is constructed above a steam radiator. The distance of the first shelf above the radiator is nearly a foot and a half, but we'll just have to see how it all turns out. The shelf could be relocated if the heat is too much for books to bear. The radiator will be entirely enclosed within the box of wood, with 20 1" vertical strips covering the front and providing structural strength for the shelves above it.

I still don't have a digital camera. No pictures of me during the process, which makes this weblog about home improvements rather dull and texty, eh?. Eventually I'll take some, I guess. I had hoped to get a new cameraphone, I know cameras in them things really stink!, but that seems to have fallen through. I'm too busy with things to even bother. Ain't that the truth in life anyway?!

So these shelves are done. What's the next project?

Next on the list is a corner "entertainment" rack, to house the electronics behind our Netflix addiction and my neighbor's Xbox affliction. The rack will be nice. I always wanted a house with a nice rack. No, wait. I wanted something else with a nice rack... how did that go?