Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Updated kitchen counter dinette

Updated kitchen counter dinette, originally uploaded by Jrome.

I picked up some maple boards Saturday from Noho lumber (along with a couple three sheets of maple plywood, ouch!) and spent the rest of the weekend getting tings in order. I'm not much of a finish carpenter. Haven't actually finished anything up to this point. This may be the first. But of course it's not done yet. Hope I just didn't jinx myself!

Here are some more photos

Updated kitchen counter dinette

Updated kitchen counter dinette

Updated kitchen counter dinette

Updated kitchen counter dinette

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Island in the Sun

IMAGE0005.JPG, originally uploaded by Jrome.

Here's a little look at the island. It's constructed of 3/4" maple plywood. The side facing the window is open. The full length door attached to the custom fabricated pull-out trash can will cover that up. Over here on the dark side (or do I have it turned around? --it is on wheels ya know!), there will be a faux door, complete with towel rack style hardware. Just like the rest of the kitchen.

Here's a picture of the hardware, again, for those who haven't seen it all:IMAGE0008.JPG

Inside, besides the trash can pull-out there'll be a drawer that will house the trashbags and trashy stuff. The drawer functions as a lid to the trash can, so that when the "trash drawer" is closed, the upper drawer sits directly over the top, sealing in the stink with a rubber gasket affixed to its bottom.

I sometimes wish I had a rubber gasket affixed to my bottom.

I promised I'd have some plans for the island up here. I will, but not just yet. I want to do it right. Check back.

The kitchen is now more or less done. I created a list of stuff that still has to be done or installed, and it is lengthy. But right now, our kitchen has full functionality. It feels good to have completed this much. There's still more to go, but how many kitchen remodels do you know of that took over a year, cost less than $20k for deluxe stuff including all appliances, and the humans never had to live a day without the sink or stove? I don't know of any...I'm sure there are millions, so spare me your details. Just a little pride talking here...I just need to let myself believe that a job like this can take a year and not be a disaster. Now I've done it.

Here are some pictures of our work so far. Pretty woody, huh?



Monday, October 16, 2006

Island on wheels

I spent about an hour working on Sunday to chop down the cabinet carcass a few inches, since I goofed the overhang dimensions of the butcher block top . Once I got that cut, I installed the casters I picked up earlier from Woodcraft and then brought it upstairs to try out in the kitchen.

Wow. I have to say the whole thing is great. It moves easily. The island can be locked down and used or whisked away into the pantry or dining room. I wonder why islands aren't all made this way. The height is great for just leaning against, so standing up chatting with the cook, having a glass of wine or scotch, is now the standard kitchen pose.

More pictures to come. Here's a picture of the casters I used:

More pictures of the finished cabinet will be uploaded, along with plans in the coming weeks, once all the details are finished.

Next up on my docket are some pictures of my work shop. In the grand scheme of things, the workshop has been one of the areas that's plagued a quick turnaround of the kitchen job. As we close in on finishing the kitchen, the next project, which is an attic conversion to create a third floor office/spare bedroom/storage area, will require that the workshop be well organized. So the basement workshop will be walled in, dust collection and air filtration will be added, a few new tools (bigger contractor's table saw perchance?), and full storage. The old kitchen has given up its cabinets for the shop, and the temporary birch plywood counter that currently graces our kitchen will provide some ample benchtop space.

Speaking of the kitchen, it has the following list of items hankering for my attention:
exhaust vent
refrigerator's maple panels
painting, ceiling
backsplash tile
counter installation
mail sorting wall cabinet
magnetic panels and creative wall