Friday, July 21, 2006

Proof that nicole did paint in June!

Picture 016, originally uploaded by Jrome.

Those June photos are pretty dark. Here's true proof that Nicole painted (she painted in June and into July).

It's nice and bright. The floor still needs to have a second coat of Velvit Oil applied. We may do that this weekend when we hang the range hood. (We're hanging it, but we won't run the ductwork right away...not until we have it fabricated and I can punch a hole in the exterior wall.)


Picture 011, originally uploaded by Jrome.

I've been quiet for quite some time on this blog, but not because I haven't been busy! I built up two drawers for the landing pads and built new cabinets as well...did I mention that before? I guess not!

Anyway, the drawers are deep and hold handy things, like tongs, flippers, mitts, and cooking nick nacks. The cabinet doors and trim are not done yet, because I haven't had the time to fabricate yet. I will, oh, yes, I will have the time eventually. Part of the slowness is the custom nature of the woodworking I have to do. I spend a lot of time measuring and about ten minutes cutting. Then fabrication, always a big mystery, takes up the rest.

I built these cabinets first, and then got them all together, then realized some slides I had bought for the secretary desk weren't going to work. I turned to the left and saw the then new landing pad cabinets and thought, "drawers!" Thankfully, since I used pocket screw joinery, I was able to take them all apart (no glue!) and install the slides, build the drawers and reassemble. Nicole then Velvit Oiled them, and presto! New look, new functionality. We like them. (Oh, and I edgebanded it all too. That was fun.)