Sunday, November 04, 2007

Insulation went in

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Last week we had the insulation go in. With the baby coming to town any day now, I found myself really dreading the inspection. I don't know why exactly, but I just want it done. Obviously done right, but just done. I want it over. Well, the inspection went just fine. In and out. We'll have the windows at either end done tomorrow (or Tuesday if it rains) and the drywall crew will be hanging on Tuesday. 7 days later, the job should be done, taped and mudded, sanded. The whole 9 yards. Then paint and a carpet. Hopefully this will all be complete around Thanksgiving. Crazy? I dunno.

Then six months later we'll have our GC come back and do the finish carpentry, including the mission railings for the stairs and the maple treads. I'm debating trying to do it myself, but I don't know a single thing about stairs or railings, and doubt I have time to learn it at the moment.

More photos...

I'm 6' tall. The ceiling is about 7'3 at the peak. If I stay in the center (5' wide) I don't have to stoop. Since my desk will be up there, I'll spend most of my time sitting. Can't wait to see it done. Hmmm. When did I put on those glasses?

Hobbit hole to the storage area next to the stairs. With the wiring for a light hanging there.

Another view of the hobbit hole. We had the electrician run a light in there. Cozy.

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k. said...

A word of advice: small people may really like that hobbit hole to be finished off eventually so they can play while daddy is working.

Just sayin'.

Looks good! Makes me want to get our tiny reno done and over with.