Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Windows and treatment

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Yesterday, Tim was back with his buddy and they installed the windows in the back, the area I'm affectionately referring to as "my office" now. Not a bad looking space.

The ground slopes outside, and from the back, it's about 5' higher than out front. Plenty high at 3 stories! The scaffolding they set up was fine, but I'm glad it wasn't me up there. They had the window installed and the siding back on before I knew it. Took longer to stage it than it did to install!

It's been a bit loud in my current office space... but luckily the world is running quietly on email lately and not, oh say, Skype. (Speaking of Skype, I've got to replace home office Skype line with a hard line. Just gotta do it. Tried to make it work. Didn't work. Moving on...)

I paid Tim the balance today, $6,850. $1850 for the insulation and labor. $5,000 for the completion of the windows. Hope he shows up tomorrow...one more window to go in! :0
Here's what one can get for about $17,000:

1. cheap hair cut

2. old shoes to be sealed up in the wall. I was supposed to leave them in the Roman Forum, but I couldn't bring myself to leave behind shoes that had been so good to me for so many years. (I'm saving this story for another post, but let me just say I bought them NWOB, with the tag still on them, totally vintage, from the Goodwill on Townsend in SF. I then wore them to work at Riv for the 3 years I worked there. Everyday. No kidding. Never had a pair shoes hold up like that. Never.)

3. stairs. Rough framed stairs. Next year we put in the finishing touches. There will be drywall up though, of course!

4. Upgraded windows. Not the fanciest, but they work and are much nicer than what we had before. Twice as nice, in fact!



5. Your life back!

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