Friday, September 15, 2006

Counter Top Extravaganza

Last Saturday, Nicole and I tromped on down to Stone Soup to pick a color and drop off our sketch. We picked a color and they named it for us. Super. The color is like old tanned leather (an acid effect) and we hope it will look like it is as old as the house. The thing that always has bugged me about new kitchens is that they look too new. In my mind the beauty of concrete is that it can look aged. Since it is formed by hand, there's evidence that human hands worked on it. Edges are crisp, but not die cut, the color warm and fuzzy. It has patina. It will grow more character with age. It should never look worn out.

I'm also in the process of building a kitchen trash receptical/island. Here's a picture of the John Boos top it's gonna have.

Ours will be maple however not Lyptus. The bottom will look like the other cabinets I've made, 3/4" maple plywood construction. It'll have 3.5" red locking casters from Woodcraft.


Anonymous said...

dunno if you ever get to south central illinois, but boos is located out of effingham and they have an outlet store where you can pick up remnants a lot cheaper than having to order a full countertop or the block that you're looking at. :)

Jrome said...

We actually got a decent deal on it, I think. Not outlet pricing that would make anyone buy it, but it was, uh, reasonable.

Here's my reasoning: Since I'm making a fair number of the cabinets and doing the finish carpentry myself, we kinda splurged on the Booze (as we now refer to the top.)

I checked online and locally, and in a fit of "oh, let's get this thing done this year" thinking, just made the purchase lickety split.

We got the smallest size of the premium, or whatever it's called. 4" thick, end grain. 24x25x4. All I know is, I couldn't have made it myself cheaper. And I got free shipping.

Deals are great though, and I'll certainly add in your suggestion to my mental vault for next time! Thanks for reading!