Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Lighting and Pictures of Shelves One and Deux

New Lighting, originally uploaded by DictionaryMan.

This is an older photo, if by older I mean late October. My mother bought the fixture as a gift and it's nice. Classy. So she also got us the matching ceiling fan. That's darn fancy. I'll have to get some better shots of it. Maybe once the kitchen is done. (The fan is in the living room.)

The shelves to the left are the first I made. (see oldest posting.) Despite the photo, they are straight and true. It's the books that are crooked, I reckon. The ones over the radiator (still with the lighting fixture's box draping them) are an ongoing project. They are Shelves Deux to the uninitiated. I think I've spent more time talking about what I'm planning to do with them than what I've actually spent making them. So I'll stop right here and get back to work!

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