Friday, February 24, 2006

Cereal Counter

01-14-06_new seating.jpg, originally uploaded by Jrome.

More progress that never got any ink.

Despite M climbing in there and taking a nap in the cave, this is where we eat cereal everymorning. M likes to perch, so I stick her up there and she sits on the edge, eating breakfast. We have stools that pony on up to the bar there and that's nice. It's a good way to start the morning. The view ain't half bad either. Our microwave is ginormous. We had it up on a counter for a while (oh, the past year) and it just took up so much space I wanted to hide it. This is probably the best outcome. Hidden, accessible. And there's a plug right behind it, so no clutter even. As I'm fond of saying, "Super sweet."

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