Friday, February 24, 2006

Cottage Cheese

01-19-06_cottage front.jpg, originally uploaded by Jrome.

Well, one thing that has slowed progress has been cabinets. We ordered Thomasville cabs from HD in December. They came early and we thought, "Holy cats, this kitchen is really coming together quick!" But then I opened the first box and snapped this picture. "Uh, wait a second. This is cottage not Monroe." Monroe is as blank as a piece of wood, no frame. This one has a frame. Our wall cabinets above the sink were to be cottage, and they all were, but most of the base cabinets had the wrong fronts on them. To HD's credit they fixed it all, and I even got some cottage front drawers out of the fiasco. I've really got no qualms. I think we made out like bandits. And I can't wait for that $400 gift card.

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