Monday, January 30, 2006

Wall Cabinets Deux

01-29-06_Wall Cabinets Deux, originally uploaded by Jrome.

Sunday evening I finally got to the cabinets I've been referring to as the "refrigerator stack." The stack consists of a two drawer base cabinet with two multipurpose 24" deep wall cabinets on top. There's a fridge top cabinet and a wall panel to complete the bridge over the fridge, but that's something for the next few weeks.

Anyway, here's how it all went down. First I prepped the floor area and removed the last parts of the baseboard so the base cabinet could sit flush with the wall. That's neighbor Jon's Sawzall. Mine (handed down from my Father-in-Law) would have worked just fine - it's an orginal all poslished metal Milwaukee - but since I happened to be over next door when Jon had his handy, I used his. He's got some nice tools.

Next I patched the wall. I just couldn't see putting in a semi-permanent cabinet and not patching a hole in the plaster.

Then I anchored the base cabinet after leveling it with shims. Finally I clamped the face frames of the wall cabinets together and secured them with four 2-5/8" square drive deck screws. Then I enlisted Jon's help and we hoisted these puppies onto the base cabinet.

At that moment M came home with Nonni and Gampa and ran into my arms. As I showed her my work (she pointed out I was dirty and asked why I made such a mess) she gave me the biggest hug. I'd only been away from her for less than 24 hours but I still missed her terribly. She's such a sweetheart.

While bags were being brought in, I anchored the top units to the base cabinet (again using the Scorpion ceramic coated deck screws) and to the wall studs. Then I replaced the doors and drawers and voila!

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Mark Greene said...

Nice work, J-Rome.
You house purdy.