Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Landing Pads

Landing Pads, originally uploaded by Jrome.

While it's not rocket science, getting the two counters level with the range top was not as easy as I originally thought. I knew the floor wasn't level (since I levelled the range, which took a while), but I didn't put two and two together. I built all the base units together and of course made them all 35 1/4" tall.

A few zips with the Makita and my work is nearly done.


Bill said...

Hi Jerry -

Do you have any pictures of the exterior of your Dutch Colonial?


Jrome said...

Bill, I'll try to get a few up this afternoon. We shot a lot of film of the house (prior to moving in) but not a lot of it has been digital. We bought the house with the exterior and landscaping in fine condition, so I've neglected most everything outside the four walls. Once I'm done with the kitchen and converting the third floor to livable space, I plan to tackle the roof and the vinyl siding. -J