Monday, January 30, 2006

Velvit Oil

01-26-06_Velvit Oil, originally uploaded by Jrome.

Last weekend, Jan 21-22, was Velvit Oil Weekend here. I finish-sanded the floors of the pantry, downstairs bathroom, and kitchen, and then applied Velvit Oil with a wool pad on a stick. Nice!

This was quite a job for one, but it turned out okay. The fumes were alright, kept manageable with the window open on a 20 degree day. I turned the heat down to 50 and wore my respirator, a chamois shirt, my trusty carharts and a purple bandana over my head. I was alone on my knees in the house, with only the sound of the Porter Cable sander muffled by the plugs in my ears. I hardly ate, drank or slept for two days. But I mostly finished. You can see the color of the untreated floor in front of the refrigerator and range. I'll go back in and touch those up when I put on a second coat once the cabinets are in.

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