Monday, January 30, 2006

Wall Cabinets

This weekend was all about wall cabinet installation. I myself have never hung wall cabinets, but with a few good tips gleened from hither thither and yon, I made an act like I knew what I was doing.

N and I together took down the old cabinets (they're to eventually grace the wall of our wood shop in the basement) and relocated them downstairs, and then set about getting these new cabinets ready to mount.

First we mounted a 2x4 to studs across the wall, leveling it with our new 4' level. I used 8#x3" deck screws. N was unsure about removing the backsplash, since we're still going to be using the sink while the rest of the cabinets are installed, but we eventually realized we needed to rip that off the wall. It didn't come off without a fight. N took a moment or two of down time to patch and tend to the wall. I've thought about a stainless backsplash, but Jon next door and N both think it might be too cold. "Walk into Friendly's down the street and ask to check out their kitchen," I believe was the sentiment.

Then we clamped the face frames of the trio together and drilled pilot holes for the square drive 2-5/8" ceramic coated deck screws. I drove those in and then fabricated some 1/2" spacers for the backs to keep them together.

Finally, N and I hoisted the cabinets onto the countertop and then up onto the 2x4 mounted on the wall. From there it was just anchoring the units to studs with 3" decking screws. Pretty simple. N couldn't resist getting on the phone with her headset and chatting up the work we were doing. It reminded me somewhat of a play by play. The cabinets are level and plumb. Sweet.

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