Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Some After Pictures of our Concrete Countertops

The seam is logically located at a break, from cabinet to open undercounter storage. The open storage allows us to sit on stools and look out the window. We eat more meals in the kitchen sitting on stools than we do in the dinning room.

It doesn't auto-retract, but it's easy to use. Our water pressure is strong, so when you open the faucet all the way up, you get a super powerful jet. The hose extends long enough to reach the corners of the sink.

This secretary style cabinet will get a full door closing off the base. And that drawer front will get the finished piece installed. The one that's on there was just temporary. Funny how it's been like that for 6 months.

There's still lots to do. The center island/trash home is on deck, as are all the cabinet doors. We actually installed all the lights overhead, so I'll post more pictures of that soon. (It's now extremely bright throughout this room!)


Kathryn said...

Where did you get your countertops? They are awesome!

Jrome said...

Stone Soup Concrete in Florence, MA. ( The guys are great, installation was remarkably smooth, and they turned out fantastic. We highly recommend them.

Anonymous said...

your countertops are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

You kitchen is looking great with new countertop.