Friday, January 26, 2007

Advice for Venting Hood?

Anyone out there have any advice on venting a hood?

We've started the job, and now I'm a bit stuck. We ran the duct work from the hood, but now are in a bit of pickle trying to get it through the exterior wall.

Our house has vinyl siding and I'm slightly concerned about how to tackle that. Cut out from the inside, trim away the vinyl from the outside, screw on the aluminum vent, then caulk like mad?

Should I wait until spring, when the weather is warmer?
Can I caulk in the cold?
Is there some special vinyl vent flapper that I should know about?

Supply List in hand:
  • ducting standard 10x4 stainless box
  • exterior vent = aluminum with a gasket flapper

We got it all at Home Depot...pretty standard, I guess.


the reluctant remodeler said...

I'd follow the temperature guidelines for the caulk that are on the tube and add a few degrees. There's nothing worse than caulk that doesn't take. OK, there are worse things, but still.

Just wanted to say, too, that I love your concrete countertops -- have you had any problems so far? I'm just beginning to do research on replacing our white plastic laminate craptastic ones and really like the idea of concrete.


Jrome said...

I'll find out about caulk, and post when I tackle it.

The counters are great. No complaints or problems. Well, the only problem is they look so good it's criminal to leave anything on them. I probably spend at least 10 minutes every evening picking up/admiring them.