Tuesday, January 30, 2007

1500 watts of power

Last Friday we had our electrician come by to check on our dimmer switch, which was running hot to the touch. Well, seems there was a misunderstanding about how many Tweak heads - ten (pumping out 75 watt PAR 30 floods) - we were running on the TechLighting rails.

We didn't have all the right parts when he first ran juice to the box, but thankfully we didn't blow anything until his return visit. To manage the power, he installed what I like to call the MacIntosh Dimmer. It's vented. It's not entirely black, I hope it didn't cost a small fortune, and it wasn't built in Binghamton, NY.

Oh, and he told us to just vent the hood out the side of the house and avoid messing with the old knob and tube..."it'll be fine, just don't mess with it." So the venting, yeah, that'll have to wait until spring.

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