Monday, May 05, 2008

Just a Reminder

Columbus Day Excursion to Look Park, originally uploaded by Jrome.

That now that the weather is getting nicer (at least around here in New England) we should all have no excuses for getting on a bicycle.

Or a tricycle.

Ride to the store, ride for fun, ride for a reason other than getting in shape. (Please!) Ride to feel the wind and the sun on your face.

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fred@opc said...

Cute pic. Our boys are on their trikes constantly in the summer - riding all over our deck and the sidewalks out front. We haven't hauled them off to a local park yet, but we should. As for our bikes, well, they've been hanging in the garage almost since we moved in... they haven't moved at all. I prefer to run, and just haven't made it to selling the bike yet.