Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Machine

The Machine, originally uploaded by Jrome.

We made pasta tonight for dinner with our neighbors. The kitchen was a hoppin' with four burners going (that's all of them) and it all turned out nicely.

This picture shows the color our counters are turning. I love that they get stained and show signs of age. Gracefully we go into our second year with them. The goal with the color was to look natural without looking new. They look like 2" thick pieces of tanned leather, the kind they make the best club chairs out of for fat men who smoke cigars and rule the stock market. Or something less pretentious.


Fred@OPC said...

I love the countertops... This will sound a little weird, but we have a Pizza Stone that looked too "normal" when we first got it.. now as we cook on it we absolutely LOVE how it turns darker each time and gains "character." On the grosser side, each pizza has a little bit of that pizza we cooked three years ago... but at least its baking at 400 degrees... probably nothing going to hurt us there.

I like the "Machine" too - its very bold against the tanned leather backdrop.

Jrome said...

Thanks Fred, we love them too. Exactly for that reason: wabi-sabi.

The machine is fun to use. Hard not to love chrome.