Saturday, April 07, 2007

Kitchen Work part 58.3

Ever since we saw Mark and Sharron's awesome doorstops, we've wanted one super swank one for the kitchen. The way the bathroom door opens up, its doorknob can slam into the concrete countertop...not that it would hurt it, it's just a horrible sound.

Months passed and I forgot what Mark's doorstop looked like. Fast forward (rewind?) to three or four days ago, I'm buying hardware to finish off some projects and I notice the catalog I'm perusing has doorstops. One looks not too shabby. Here it is installed.

Here are some of the doors and hardware I installed as well...

Not all of the Amerock bar pulls arrived. These two slim cabinets (hold baking sheets and two drawers full of utensils, hot pads, mitts, and a timer) will be adorned come a week or two. I still need to Velvit Oil some of the trim. I'll get to that in 20 years. I like how they look like J and L and two squat Hs.

Here's a picture of the cabinet in the corner, which I lovingly refer to as the "kittycabinet." Maddy demos the sweet barpull action.

The cabinet our cat's food and birdseed for the feeder outside the kitchen window. Nicole recycled two large containers and I built the cabinet just for them. They're pretty standard plastic containers. We've got a million of them in and around our basement where the cat does her bidness. Those are Blum hinges, easy to install and the mounting plates are interchangeable with various varieties of hinges I'm using around the house. (Well, so far they're interchangeable...)

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