Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kitchen Media Center

When we first sketched up the plans for the kitchen, I imagined a place where we could work on the computer...you know: look up recipes while cooking, google something, look up horse breeds on wikipedia, that sort of thing. I had actually budgeted a Mac Mini and a flat panel monitor... but we ended up just bringing down our G4 iMac when my wife got her MacBook.

This cabinet has had various window treatments. It was to have an associated wall cabinet, where the monitor was going to be placed; electrical run just where we needed it and all the cables were to run in the wall....well, none of that happened. I built the cabinet. Plopped it in place and we've lived with it. The concrete countertop is not yet siliconed in place, since I need to finish the cabinet and attach the panel next to fridge. It weighs a ton and hasn't budged.

I still need to finish the kick space (secret compartments housing our external hard drives and pirate booty) and velvit oil the door and trim. The door needs a handle and some bumpers. Yada yada yada. But I think it looks good. Cleaner. Neater.

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