Monday, June 13, 2005

Lawn - it's a turf war out there!

So I chose a hot humid weekend to take on our lawn. What was once weak soiled and sandy, with ant hills as far as the eye can see is now a dirt pool strewn with staw. Here's how it went down:

1) rented a tiller: $24.63 for 4 hours from Northampton Rentals, on service center road.
2) stayed refreshed: $11.99 for 12 pack of Rolling Rock, ice cold.
3) a nice neighbor: John, born to rake and scatters seed like a sharecropper
4) pizza me! $11 from John helped me afford the $20 double pizza party. This rocked, and I ate all I could fit into my stomach.
5) three bales of staw for strewing $20

John was and always is a great help. I sort of paid him back for his labor by supplying him with our oldest (but still stout) airconditioner. This AC unit requires a pair of vice grips to set the temp, but heck, that's the best kind! John and I, along with pal Uncle Jesse, form a three man work party that meets to get things done for each others' wives. Mostly its a great opportunity to get together and drink beer outside, play with powertools and kavetch. I like the beer part the most.

I'll post some pictures of our new lawn a-growing over the next bunch of weeks. With any luck the grass will take root and the ants will be heading for less green pastures.

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